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Between the Posts: Really?

You're nightly OT Open Thread!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome again to yet another off-season nightly open thread. With the combine approaching, things figure to get more interesting on the draft front in a hurry.

I watched some TV last weekend and was interested by the new slew of NFL Top 10 shows that they were broadcasting in a marathon. I happened to find the channel just as they were beginning the run down of the best rushing seasons of all time. While I won't get into CJ's current status with the team (it's a sore subject I gather), I have to protest as to his spot on the list. He was ranked number 9, for his 2000 yard season. Despite the fact that he also broke the all-time yardage record by a good amount too (which went unmentioned), CJ's 2000 yard season was impressive just in the sheer amount of breakaway runs. How does this season fall so low on the list, when they had AP's recent 2000 yard campaign as No.2? Just for the record, they also had Earl Campbell on the list as 10.

Here is the latest mock draft on Bear in mind this is pretty far fetched when you consider that the Combine and Free Agency hasn't even started yet...Oh well.