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Nolan Nawrocki talks red flags for the 2014 NFL Draft

Each year Nolan Nawrocki likes to make himself the story by talking about what "anonymous sources" are saying about players.

Ronald Martinez

Johnny Manziel is going to be the red flag champion for the next few months.  While he has no one to blame for this but himself, a lot of the knocks on him are really unfair.  He has not done anything criminal to this point, but at the same time, the standard for a quarterback is a little bit higher.

Anyway, Nolan Nawrocki has put out his list of red flags in this year's draft.  It should be no surprise that Johnny Football leads the list.  Here is what Nawrocki says about him:

Suspect intangibles -- not a leader by example or known to inspire by his words. Carries a sense of entitlement and prima-donna arrogance seeking out the bright lights of Hollywood. Is known to party too much and is drawn to all the trappings of the game. ... Has defied the odds and proven to be a great college-system quarterback, but still must prove he is willing to work to be great, adjust his hard-partying, Hollywood lifestyle and be able to inspire his teammates by more than his playmaking ability.

The good news for Nawrocki is that he stayed away from anything racist this year.

His take on Clowney is pretty obvious, although I do think that the stuff about him taking plays off is a bit overblown. Did he give maximum effort on every play? Probably not, but he played harder this year than people gave him credit for.

So read through the list and let me know any of the stuff that Nawrocki said that you might have an issue with.