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Between the Posts: Tag Day

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Not a ton of news out there today worth noting so I will leave this up to you guys and gals tonight. There were a few things that caught my eye though;

The franchise tag designations are open as of today, and it has been reported that Tennessee doesn't plan to use it on any of their pending free agents. The tag has limited uses at this point, now that the salaries are so high, but remains an effective tool for negotiating exclusively with a player you want to keep, rather than keeping them for another season at an inflated cap number.

In other news, Baltimore is a classy organization isn't it? crazy offseason dream was dashed...In all honesty I never expected Orakpo to become available. I have a feeling some teams' fans around the league are thinking the same about Verner, so I am itching for news on a new contract to emerge....