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NFL mock draft 2014: Titans take Jake Matthews

Our weekly look at the Mocking the Draft's pick for the Tennessee Titans.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Fairburn of MTD has put out a new mock draft this morning, and he has the Titans going down a familiar road with Jake Matthews being the pick at #11.  Here is what he had to say about the pick:

A player like Matthews would be an easy choice for the Titans to make. He's arguably the best offensive tackle in the draft this year. At A&M, Matthews excelled on the right and left sides, making him an intriguing choice for the Titans. He can replace Dave Stewart immediately on the right side and eventually shift to the left when Michael Roos retires.

This would be a really good development, but it would be weird for them to take the son of the guy that was part of the reason the last guy was fired.

In this scenario, I would like for them to trade up and get Khalil Mack. The more I hear about that guy, the more I think he could be the difference maker the Titans need on defense. I am not sure exactly what it would take to move up 3 spots, but the Titans should look into it.