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Between the Posts: Offseason Duldrums

Your nightly OT Open Thread!


Things will be heating up shortly with the impending NFL Combine, to be followed by a boatload of notable pro days, intermixed with the excitement of Free Agency. However, with those events not yet here, we seen to be in the silent period of the NFL calendar, when not much moves except for coaches, and not much is said outside of coach speak.

That said, there was a favorable report out of Tennessee today regarding Ken Whisenhunt's opinion of Jake Locker now that he has had a chance to review tape of this past year, and probably prior to that as well. Locker has been as polarizing as any Titans player in recent memory, but it is good to hear that the new staff are liking what they see. It means a lot coming from a guy with as much experience as Whisenhunt has.

Not much else to report, but this caught my eye. Be thankful these guys aren't your bosses. As always, the floor is yours fellow MCMers. Take it where you will.