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Fool's gold: Which FA's the Tennessee Titans should avoid

Big names that the Titans should avoid in free agency.

Jonathan Daniel

With NFL free agency just over three weeks away, it is time to start looking at the players and past their names. Often fans only know so much about the free agent markets and big names get mistaken for talented players. Here are five big names that would be mistakes for the Titans to sign.

Maurice Jones-Drew RB: MJD is not what he used to be, and with all that wear and tear on his body it will be hard for him to play a full season in the future. Steven Jackson had a similar situation before he moved on to the Rams, but MJD has even more tread on the tires.

Darren McFadden RB- Speaking of wear and tear, McFadden is one of the least reliable running backs in the NFL much less in free agency. While he has amazing talent, the Titans need someone who can be trusted to come to work week in and week out, and I just don't think he is that guy.

Eric Winston OT- For a long time Winston was a very good right tackle that just couldn't find a home. While playing against the Seahawks, Rams and 49ers twice a year can make it tough to look good, there was a significant drop off this year from him. Winston is past the 30 year mark, and it is hard to recover after a bad year at that age so the Titans should stay away.

Jared Veldheer OT- Veldheer is an odd player. People seem to talk about him like he is a top offensive tackle in the league, but I just don't see it. If he is asking anything more than $5 million per year the Raiders shouldn't sign him, and the Titans should stay away from him unless he takes a veteran minimum.

B.J. Raji NT- Raji has a huge name because he and Clay Matthews were in the draft class that really turned around the Packers after some disappointing years. Raji has quietly tapered off the past few years and while he will still be a good asset for a 3-4 team, I think his name will drive up his price to past where it makes sense for the Titans.