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2014 Free agency: Tennessee Titans quiet on all fronts

Not a lot of talk coming out of the Titans camp, what should we expect?

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Teams like the Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, and Seahawks have all been quiet on who they might cut, sign, let walk, etc. On the other hand teams like the Lions, Saints, and Bears have all made several moves. So why are the Titans so quiet and what are they doing? Here are some of the issues that Titans fans should have.

-It has been reported that there isn't a lot of talk going on between Alterraun Verner and the Titans since he is set on testing the free agent waters. You can debate on whether signing him to a huge contract is the right move or not, but in the end it will be mostly his decision since the Titans aren't really in a position to blow him away with a big contract like other teams could.

-All signs point to Chris Johnson being cut, but with no March guarantee there is no real deadline on that decision.

-Surprisingly the Titans haven't made any sort of attempt to extend Casey, or even preliminary talks on a future contract.

-Bernard Pollard and Ropati Pitoitua have both been quiet on returning to Tennessee despite thriving here last year. If one or both of them is not brought back it would shock me.

-David Stewart is also expected to be cut to bring in some cap, but again the Titans haven't really brought him in to talk about negotiating his contract so still surprisingly quiet there.

-Finally Kamerion Wimbley seems to be a fit for what the Titans will want to do in their new hybrid 3-4 defense, but his price tag is too high for most fans. Will they cut him or just try to restructure?