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How to tailor the offense to QB Jake Locker

Ken Whisenhunt's latest thoughts on Jake Locker.

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Jim Wyatt's interview with Ken Whisenhunt has made its way to and it seems to point to Whisnehunt liking what he sees in Jake Locker.

"I am excited about finding out what he can do with our offense and trying to make things that he does well, have success with that," Whisenhunt said. "You want to try and tailor what we do to fit what his strengths are. ... I have liked what I've seen from Jake."

That thought (tailoring the offense to Jake Locker) is very interesting considering how successful he was with statue quarterbacks like Kurt Warner and Phillip Rivers in the pasts. While I don't expect there to be option elements like the Titans have tried to use in the past, I do think that Whisenhunt will add many more roll out elements and there will be heavy play-action elements on most passing plays.

Another thing that will likely be a big part of Jake Locker's tailored game plans is a lot of short, crossing routes. With Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker as the centerpieces of the offense, crossing routes, screens and curls will be hard to resist.

Also the question will be how much shotgun should you use with a quarterback like Locker. With statue quarterbacks it made more sense to have them start from under center often because they could evaluate the defense and it made the run action more believable on play action passes.

However with Jake Locker, the shotgun might be the more appealing option. The shotgun allows Locker to worry less about his steps and more about reading the field as the play develops. He doesn't need the defense to react to the play action as heavy because he is a running threat himself.

It will be interesting to see exactly how this tailoring is different from Whisenhunt's old offenses, and if it isn't immediately successful will he pull back some of those newer elements?