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Between the Posts: Dynasties?

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are some nuggets to pry today in the news world.

There have been talks since Seattle stomped the Broncos in the Super Bowl that they are primed for a dynastic run, and while they have a lot of young talent, people don't seem to take into account that they are already at risk of losing vital pieces in the near future. Dynasties are hard to come by in today's NFL, and I feel like Seattle fans will soon realize that, despite remaining a dominant team for at least a couple years...or not. Just look at what happened to Atlanta last season...

In other sports news, the United States stuck it the Russians in Hockey in an overtime thriller that made for some great television. The Sochi Winter Olympics has been going off without any major hitches thus far, so let's hope that holds up.

The rest of the thread is, as always, up to you fine ladies and gentlemen.