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MCM Create a Caption!

Your weekend Caption Contest continues!

Christian Petersen

For this weekend's caption, we have a double, coming courtesy of the Titans' former arch nemesis himself, the man who made life as a Titans fan generally miserable for a decade or so in Peyton Manning, along with an out-of-focus Bill Belichick. I expect some gems from this one, so don't disappoint ladies and gentlemen. I also wanted to mention that while we are looking for great captions, funny (relevant) GIF's are also welcome. They can often express what words cannot after all.

Before we get into it, last week's winner was "BonzosMontreux" with 10+ recs. Honorable mention goes to "2toneBlueBlood" in a close second with 9 recs to his credit. I am hoping for a big turnout this time around, and am still looking for someone to top 27 recs (though I understand that this might be a tall order in the offseason).

Remember, as always, keep it clean...And I don't say this for no reason either, some of you guys have a crazy sense of humor...anyway, onto the captioning!