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Rotoworld ranks Titans Ken Whisenhunt the third best new hire

The offseason is rough. We have to spend our time looking at mock drafts and lists....lots and lots of lists.

Frederick Breedon

Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld ranked all of the coaches in the NFL, but he separated out the ones that had just been hired. He thinks that Ken Whisenhunt is the third best hire of the new hires this offseason behind Lovie Smith and Mike Zimmer. Here is what he had to say about The Whiz:

Whisenhunt was showered with (deserved) plaudits for his work as the Chargers’ offensive coordinator, but is inheriting a situation similar to the one that eventually got him run out of town in Arizona. Whiz has plenty of talent on defense, a couple good receivers and … no quarterback. The Whiz who was in San Diego seemed capable of making any situation work. The Whiz who was in Arizona was never the same after he lost Kurt Warner. Whisenhunt must either fix Jake Locker — an extremely tall task — or hope GM Ruston Webster passes on a Max Hall when he sees one.

I don't know about y'all, but I hope that Webster passes on a Max Hall regardless of who the coach is. That seems like a pretty obvious statement.