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MCM Radio: Talking Titans and Rocky Beds

Live tonight at 9:00 Central!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

After life, work and everything else prevented us from bringing you an episode of MCM Radio last week, your faithful hosts are back and ready to burn this thing to the ground! We're taking over all the bandwidths and putting the Titans talk all over them. We'll get caught up on the news from the past two weeks, plus, we have a special addition to some of the offseason episodes: Two-Toned Topics!

What's a Two-Toned Topic you ask implicitly bu reading this sentence? It's a new sporadically-weekly segment where Dano and I will take on a topic, usually a list, and give you our opinions. They'll usually be two different tones, but always Titans blue!

You can listen in, get the call in number and chat live by clicking here. If you can't make the live show at 9:00 Central, be sure to download the podcast version through iTunes or Stitcher... and while you're there, go ahead and subscribe.

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