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Between the Posts: Feel Good Story?

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Al Messerschmidt

It's cold out there tonight for most of you guys, so stay warm and drive safe! The Winter Olympics are well under way with some interesting developments. There is actually some newsworthy NFL stuff worth mentioning today:

In the biggest, most important, story of the day, Keyunta Dawson was re-signed by the Saints. You could say that this is also a feel good story.

Being the Oakland Raiders is tough. The Titans better perform at a higher level next season, since their SOS is on the opposite side of the scale...No, I will not get my expectations up too high...

Also, no....just no.

Not to harp on about the Cleveland thing, but the new Tennessee Titans head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, was named in an article floating around the interwebs. Apparently Cleveland CEO Joe Banner insulted him in a recent interview for the HC position for the Browns, and Whisenhunt gave him the coaches equivalent of the middle finger. Go Whisenhunt!