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NFL mock draft 2014: Greg Robinson to the Titans, again

It's gramsey's favorite post of the week...the look at the latest mock draft from Mocking the Draft.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we got a reprieve from the Titans taking an offensive tackle with the 11th pick. This week, it is back in Matthew Fairburn's latest mock:

Greg Robinson probably won't fall any farther than this. The Auburn offensive tackle is a mauler, but has unrefined footwork. He wasn't asked to pass block in the traditional sense very often during his Auburn career, but his sheer athleticism and size will get him a look a lot earlier than this. He's a possible top-five pick who can come to Tennessee and start right away at right tackle.

This is not the most exciting pick, and it may not be the pick that helps the most in 2014, but it could be the smartest pick long-term. Ken Whisenhunt does some things well, but building an offensive line has not been one of them. That is why it would make sense for the them to spend a high pick on a tackle.