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Why Titans fans should want Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie to stay in the NFL

Is DRC the first in a line of dominoes that could fall in Denver?

Jeff Zelevansky

For Titans fans, the comment by current Denver Broncos corner Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie to possibly retire may seem innocuous, but that could be the first domino to fall in a bigger picture. DRC has since pulled back on his statement saying that it was a joke, but now the thought is out there so lets play it out.

The Denver Broncos are in a one, maybe two year window to win championships. If they win this year, and DRC follows through with his comment and retires, he probably won't be the only player retiring on that defense. CB Champ Bailey is officially over the hill, and as much as I appreciate his streak of domination during his time in the NFL, he should retire as soon as possible before he tarnishes his legacy.

If both of those player retire, the Broncos will have $22 million to spend in free agency without making a single cut. Not only would they have money, but they would have a gaping need at CB, now do we know any CBs willing to test the market this year....oh....I remember.

So if the Broncos make a competitive offer to Alterraun Verner, would he actually say no and come back to the Titans for similar money? On one hand, he would have the comfort and familiarity of knowing his teammates and having their respect. On the other hand, there is opportunity and a strong chance for a repeat in Denver if they get the right pieces. It would be a tough call.

Luckily for the Titans this CB free agent class is deep with names like Aqib Talib, Brent Grimes, Vontae Davis, Captain Munnerlyn, Drayton Florence, and Will Blackmon all of which are 31 years old or younger. Whether that means that it will be easy for Denver to replace Bailey/DRC or if that means that the Titans will have an easy time replacing DRC, I don't know.