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Week in Review: Enjoy the Ride

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Dustin Bradford

There is one last game of football until the offseason starts for all of the NFL. Enjoy it everyone, we all know the offseason is terrible.

In the offseason, hopefully Justin Hunter adds on some bulk, as he can become a really really special player in year two of his pro career. He, Kendall, Nate, Walker, and whoever else could absolutely tear it up in Whiz's offense next year.

Amie Wells interviews Giff Smith who seems like an even keeled guy, but then again so does Ray Horton in an interview.

Louie seems like another good hire from his resume. This is seriously an amazing coaching staff. I'm amped.

Matt Hasselbeck talks about how he had to deal with injury talk when he first started out in the league.

Paul Kuharsky talks about the new defensive staff of the Titans.

For the Vandy fans, Richard Sherman is a fan of your new coach.

Overall it was a pretty boring week in terms of Titans news, but we had a lot of good articles here at MCM, with Xanpham and Gunnels doing a great job. Kudos to both of them.

Enjoy Bosh doing the Carlton

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