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Super Bowl 2014: Predictions

Who takes home the hardware on Super Bowl Sunday?

Jamie Squire

We all know the Titans will be playing in this game next year, but that aside, who do you think will take home the Lombardi this weekend? This will be the first time since the Bills-Giants Super Bowl that the No.1 ranked offense will take on the No.1 ranked defense. Hopefully it lives up to that billing.

Personally, I have Denver by 7, but I think it will be a tighter affair than usual for the Manning crew. I'm torn on who I WANT to win though, I suppose it comes down to whose fan's I detest less...

Also on an unrelated note, why play the Super Bowl on Sunday? I know it's tradition and all, but either move it to Saturday or make the Monday after a public holiday. Economic growth on a national level must seriously suffer due to the widespread hangovers, so why not save the public the trouble? Anyway, onto the poll!