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Between The Posts: Only Way To Go...

Your nightly OT open thread.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports up.

In a season of silver linings and little else, the Tennessee Titans have spiraled down an ever deepening pit of despair, landing firmly at rock bottom. ESPN power rankings may be dumb, but they aren't wrong to put the Titans dead square at 32nd in their evaluations. With yet more players leaving the fold for IR, there is little left to make us tune in next weekend to watch them play the New York Jets...but we will, as always, though no reason will elucidate to why, and we will probably want to turn the game off before the end anyway.

That said, chief among those few silver linings of the 2014 season is that it can't get much worse. This team can only improve from here on out (statistically speaking). While we may argue and bicker over whether or not Whisenhunt and Webster are the duo to get this team back to relevance (they're not), we can at least hang our hats on this awfully depressing fact.

I will save the coaching and FO talk for now. As insane as it is, we are likely stuck with the current crew for at least another year whether we like it or not...