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Tennessee Titans News Links: Uninspired, Unimpressive, Unmotivated

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are garbage, and are producing terrible football weekly. Neil O'Donnell thinks that the Titans have given up playing for Whiz. I wouldn't disagree there.

Sammie Lee Hill was named in a sexual assault charge. This guy was just named "MVP" by Ray Horton.

Ken Whisenhunt reviews Mett's progress as a player thus far and talks about whether he will be the guy going forward into next year or not.

Is Mett the guy? Two respected analysts in Greg Cosell and Matt Williamson say that the Titans should build around Mett, not scrap the QB position. I agree that Mett has shown enough to keep him as the guy. Plus I'd really like to get some blue chip players on our defense.

Titans host the Jets this Sunday. I will be there, ready to witness some truly awful football.

Quote of the Day: "Abused patience turns to fury." -Thomas Fuller