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Zach Mettenberger Injury Update: Back That Train Up

Maybe Zach Mettenberger isn't head to IR after all....

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today it was reported that Zach Mettenberger was head to injured reserve because of a grade 3 strain to the AC Joint in his right shoulder.  However, Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said today that he is not prepared to say the rookie's season is over.  Whisenhunt actually said that Mettenberger is "week to week."

Now there is still a chance that the Titans put Zach Mettenberger on IR tonight, but it doesn't sound like that is the plan right now.  There is no shot Mett plays this week.  That means best case scenario is that he gets two more games this season, but even that isn't very likely.  My guess is they will keep him on the active roster until they need the roster spot.

The rest of the press conference was pretty uneventful.  There were a couple of times where it seemed like Whisenhunt was blaming the play caller for some of the things that went wrong yesterday.  I kept waiting for someone in the room to remind him that he is the one that calls the plays.