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Titans offseason plan part 1: Fire Ken Whisenhunt, Hire Gus Malzahn, Draft Marcus Mariota

This is not going to happen, but it should.

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Ken Whisenhunt is not a good head coach.  It is pretty much impossible to argue that fact at this point.  You are what your record says you are.  Fact: His record as a head coach sucks.  For a deeper look at just how inept The Whiz is as a head coach, bang it here.

Titans CEO Tommy Smith told Jim Wyatt last week that contracts won't matter when it comes to decisions this offseason.  He needs to put his money where his mouth in and fire Whisenhunt.  Look at the game that he called yesterday.  You would think that a head coach would be smart enough to look at his team that is down to his 3rd string left tackle, 3rd string right tackle, 2nd string center and without it's top two receivers and not run his normal, seven step drop offense- especially with a quarterback who doesn't move well and has a bad shoulder, but not The Whiz.

From Super Horn:

Here is a good commentary on the issue from Paul Kuharsky.

The Whiz is going to run his system no matter what.  He doesn't care that it isn't effective.  He is the smartest guy in the room, so to suggest anything different is just nonsense.  That is how he has always operated.  He said he learned from his failure in Arizona, but it is clear that he did not.   People say that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.  By that definition, Ken Whisenhunt is insane.

That is why I would fire him.  Some people will think it is knee-jerk, or even stupid, to fire a coach after one year.  In 99% of cases I would agree, but this is different.  This team gets worse every single week.  Of course part of that is because of the injuries, but a large part of that is because of the inability to adjust on the coaching staff.

So, if I were Tommy Smith, I would tell Whisenhunt to take a hike after the season.  I would then drive down to the armpit of the world, Auburn, Alabama, and ask Gus Malzahn what it would take for him to be my next head coach.  As hard as it would be to spend time in Auburn, I wouldn't leave there until he had signed a contract.

Malzahn in an offensive innovator.  He has taken Nick Marshall, who was a corner back at Georgia, and turned him to a really good college quarterback.  He has done that by designing a system that takes advantage of the strengths of Nick Marshall's game.  He did the same thing a few years ago with Scam Cam Newton.  The offense might look the same with Marshall as it was with Newton, but it is actually very different.  That shows you that Malzahn is willing to adjust what he does to the strengths of the players he has.  That, or having a Hall of Fame quarterback, is what it takes to win in today's NFL.

Once you have Malzahn hired, assuming you have the first pick, you draft Marcus Mariota.  Mariota would be a terrible pick for a team coached by Whisenhunt, but he is the perfect pick for Malzahn.  He is like Nick Marshall but at least a million times better.  There is no doubt in my mind that Mariota will have success in the NFL in the right system.  He can have a ton of success in a system designed to his strengths.  Malzahn would be willing to do that.

So I hope you enjoyed reading all of these make believe words.  This time next year we will still be sitting here talking about a team that Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt have run into the ground.  That is the life that we have signed up as Titans fans apparently.  That doesn't HAVE to be the way that it is, but it WILL be the way that it is until this franchise is willing to step out and take a chance on something different.