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Tennessee Titans scouts MIA again?

A report on where the scouts did or didn't go.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

So another week of college football and another week of Chase Goodbread doing an excellent job reporting on where the Tennessee Titans have sent their scouts, or rather where they didn't send there scouts.

For the second week this year, Goodbread has failed to hear about a Titans scout at any game this weekend. Now, I am sure that the Titans are keeping an eye on these games, and may even have a scout at one of the big games this weekend. However, it is curious that the scouts aren't very visable.

Having spend significant time in a press box over the past two years, it isn't hard to find scouts. Usually they are very visable, vocal, gregarious, and they are generally all huddled around each other. Rarely is there a time that you don't see a scout in the press box at any point in time, and most stay there the entire game.

The biggest matchup that I expected the Titans to want to see live was Shane Ray vs Alabama, to see how the SEC's leading pass rusher preforms against one of the most talented and best coached units in college football. Ray was recently the subject of one of Daniel Jeremiah's "Ask 5" segment where he was compared to several NFL superstars including Jerry Hughes and Demarcus Ware, but was most frequently compared to Von Miller. That is high praise for a pass rusher, and seeing this matchup in person made a lot of sense to me.