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Tennessee Titans vs New York Giants: scouting the matchups with PFF

Where the numbers say the Titans have the advantage.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans haven't really done anything well this season, but luckily the New York Giants have only done a few things better. The Titans really have a good matchup in one area: Zach Mettenberger and the passing game against the coverage of the New York Giants.

The Giants

PFF has the Giants as the 21st best pass coverage team in the NFL. The defensive backs for the Giants have been really week this year, especially after the good game they had against the Washington Redskins in week four, which is also the next to last week that they won a game. Since the next week against the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants defense has been solely reliant on their ability to get to the quarterback.

The Titans

In a game where the Titans injuries at receiver should force them to use many more two tight end sets than they usually do, the added protection could help a banged up offensive line a lot. The primary connection for the Titans this week will likely by Zach Mettenberger to Delanie Walker, which has been good in the past. Speaking of things that have been good in the past, people aren't talking enough about how well Mettenberger has improved over the past few weeks despite the team racking up several injuries.

In the past three weeks, Mettenberger has been the best rookie quarterback according to PFF. Mettenberger outranked second place quarterback Teddy Bridgewater by 0.9 points. Mettenberger has looked great compared the Blake Bortles (who was really hyped coming out of the preseason for some reason) by 4.7 points. Speaking of hyped quarterbacks, Derek Carr who the media has also fallen in love with was embarrassed by a 8.7 point differential over the past three weeks.

Mettenberger is picking up steam, and if he can find a way to overcome injuries to Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright this weekend then the Titans have a real chance to win this game against another team that is on a long losing streak.