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Giants at Titans 2014: 'Five Questions' with Big Blue View

Time to check in on the New York Giants.

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The New York Giants are a team the Titans only see once every four years.  They come to Nashville this weekend to take on the Titans, and Ed Valentine of Big Blue View was nice enough to answer some questions about the G Men for us.

1. Is there anything Tom Coughlin can do to save his job down the stretch?

He can start by beating the Titans! Seriously, there is a media assumption that Coughlin's job is in jeopardy. Truth is, nobody knows. Coughlin has one more year on his contract and it's anybody's guess whether he gets to finish that deal. One thing I am reasonably certain of is he won't be "fired." Not after 11 years, 2 Super Bowl titles and the immense respect the Giants organization has for him. He might decide to retire. The Giants might force him to retire. Nobody knows. There is a lot of blame to go around for the last two seasons, not just the head coach. We'll see what the historically conservative, stability-seeking ownership wants to do.

2. What about Eli Manning? Are the fans ready to move on from him?  What do you think?

Geez, some fans have been ready to move on from Manning since the day he got to New York. Two Super Bowl titles never changed that. I think Manning, for the most part, has played very well this season in a new, vastly different offense. He had one awful five-interception game that skewed all of his numbers.

Like Coughlin, Manning has one year left on his deal. Ownership has been clear that they believe he has several good years left. My guess is he gets an extension after this season. The Giants don't need a new quarterback. They need a healthy Victor Cruz, a running back who can make some people miss and an offensive line that can keep the quarterback protected.

3. Give me one player from the Titans roster that you would take on the Giants roster?

love to ask this question, and I always do. I hate to answer it because, honestly, with teams like Tennessee I will admit up front to not being incredibly familiar with the roster. I think, and this answer could make my BBV readers insane, that I might take Taylor Lewan.

The Giants need to stockpile some young, talented offensive linemen and Lewan fits the profile. Give the Giants Lewan, slide him to right tackle, with Will Beatty on the left side, Justin Pugh and Geoff Schwartz (now on IR) at the guards and 2014 second-round pick Weston Richburg at center and you have a complete line for the 2015 season.

4. How would you attack on the Giants offensively and defensively?

If I'm Tennessee I attack the Giants offense with pressure. Stunts, twists and blitzes, especially aimed at the right side of the offensive line, kill the Giants. They can't figure 'em out. Offensively, the read-option quarterback run stuff destroys the Giants. With Zach Mettenberger that isn't really part of Tennessee's arsenal. I would, however, pound away with the running game. I would also take deep shots. Three of the Giants top four corners are on IR, and the safety play has been spotty. There are big plays out there if you can execute them.

5. Write the headline in Sunday's Tennessean.

"Titans not so mighty, Giants end seven-game losing streak"

Head over to BBV to check out Ed's questions for me about the Titans with my answers.

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