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Tennessee Titans News Links: Disappointment

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Ray Horton is disappointed with his defense as he should be, but especially with the outside linebackers and their speed and production. I'm all about solving that problem and the draft and free agency could go a long way to fixing that. Good news is that Horton glowingly spoke of Casey, Klug, and Sammie Lee Hill, so at least Klug shouldn't be going anywhere if his words are to be taken as sincere. As far as the draft and FA fixes for the OLB position, Sheard, Houston (if he gets to FA), Avril, Brandon Graham (do want), could all be fixes in FA, and in the draft (Gregory, Beasley, Dupree, Ray, Floyd, Fowler, Golden, Guy from Utah, are all 1st couple round options). It makes me happy that our needs align with this draft so well, and should be able to get some solid starters right away in at least the first 3 rounds with a really good blue chipper in the first.

In this week's edition of Ask Mike, a frustrated caller asks why should we pay attention to these last four games?

Coach Whiz's Thursday practice report.

Avery Williamson is on pace to be our leader in tackles. He has been part of a very good draft.

Quote of the Day: I am coming to Nashville next weekend for the game against the Jets. If you have tickets you are looking to get rid of/sell, let me know. My email is