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Between The Posts: Talking Draft

Your nightly OT open thread.

Elsa/Getty Images

We have talked ad-nauseum about the current state of affairs in Nashville, and naturally everyone has their two cents of how to fix it. For tonight though, lets focus solely on the upcoming NFL draft. While I am certainly far from a college football pro, I do know plenty of positions that the Titans will need to looks into this coming Summer, mainly because there are so many of them. OLB, CB, WR, OG, NT, FS, and some may argue QB as well. Even OT and RB could be put up there...

But if you had the final say and the clock is ticking down on the Titans first round pick of the 2015, what position do you go for, and what name do you write on the card?

At this point, there's lots of ways to go with this, but I'm sincerely interested to see what kind of answers we come up with.