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Between The Posts: Big Decisions

Your nightly OT open thread.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With the advent of 2015 upon us, hopefully the Titans are poised to turn the corner. There is no doubt that the team have a massive task ahead of them to prevent a repeat of this past season.

The Tennessee Titans have plenty of holes to address. Of that there is little argument. But there is plenty of debate about what the team should do with their free agent monies and top draft spot. These range from taking a top QB at #2, forgoing the offense and focusing heavily on the maligned defensive side of the ball, or trading out of the spot altogether to stockpile selections.

Of course, these are the kinds of decisions that can catapult a struggling franchise back to relevance, or set it back even further. The importance of these phases is most pronounced at the QB position, which has already prompted tons of debate among Titan fans, well before the 2014 season was even close to ending.

If you were Ruston Webster/Ken Whisenhunt, what would you do?