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Tennessee Titans News Links: We Were So Wrong

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Paul Kuharksy says before the year started he thought the Titans would be a young improving team as the year went on. He was wrong. So were the rest of us, including myself, who had playoff aspirations.

2014 season mercifully ends, and hopefully we don't have like a season like that ever again.

Ken Whisenhunt reflects on the year.

The Titans have signed 8 players to future contracts.

Ken Whisenhunt says that he doesn't have a QB mold, but I think he's lying through his teeth. I honestly think he only wants a guy who will sit in the pocket and throw. That is completely fine to have a QB that does that, but I think you are making a huge error by having the policy that you only can work with a certain type of QB.

Whiz also defended his flexibility in games and methods. Another lie, as he showed the same tendencies, game after game, with no ability to play to players strengths, instead of forcing them in situations where they are uncomfortable.

Quote of the Day: "I'm going to tell them I'm the guy." -Zach Mettenberger