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Tennessee Titans News Links: Let The Offseason Begin

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans lost yet another game on Sunday, leaving them at 2-14 for the year and the second worst team in football (although I'm pretty sure if they played each other, we would lose handily). Ken Whisenhunt is a bad head coach, this is a fact. The owner of the Titans, Tommy Smith, however, has decided to live with his mistake for at least another year by announcing that both Whiz and Webster are safe. So because of that, we will have a losing season next year as well. So that is something to look forward to. What we can hope for is for the Titans to draft well and do free agency well to give us a chance to make our team un-Whizable. Good luck to Webster to do that (he should catch a lot of flak for hiring the guy in the first place).

There is going to be a lot of debate this offseason on who the Titans should draft in the first round of the draft, whether that be Mariota (going to the Bucs), or Jameis Winston (ummmmmm), or Leonard Williams (Cian Fahey talks about him in depth in this article), or Randy Gregory. If I were a betting man, I'd put a lot of money on one of those 4 being our first pick should we stay at #2 overall. If we trade back, great. We just need talent, and a lot of it, especially on defense. Quarterbacks make this league run, and we aren't quite sure if we have a franchise QB or not in Zach Mettenberger, so I'm sure debates will rage on whether or not he should be the QB of the future or not. SuperHorn brings up a good point, on Twitter, that if Zach Mettenberger was a 1st round pick, and not a 6th round pick, this wouldn't be a conversation. He played as well as any rookie QB this season, but because he was a 6th rounder, there is an automatic knock on him from fans. Anyway, enjoy this first offseason thread, and enjoy watching good teams play football, you no longer have to suffer through Titans games.