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NFL Playoff Schedule for Wild Card Weekend

The Titans aren't in the playoffs, but if you are like me, you will probably be watching anyway.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Wild Card Weekend kicks off on Saturday with the Arizona Cardinals taking on the Carolina Panthers.  That game kicks off at 3:35 central time, and is probably the most uninteresting game of the weekend.  The Cardinals were one of the best teams in football until their top two quarterbacks got hurt.  The Panthers suck and I hate Cam Newton.  Go Cardinals!

The late game on Saturday features the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.  That game starts at 7:15 central.  I hate both of these teams and 99% of their fans.  I will not be able to pick a team to root for here.

Saturday kicks off at 12:05 central with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Indianapolis Colts.  Can the Bengals lose their first game in the playoffs for 3 straight years?  The odds are pretty good with Andy Dalton under center.  I hope they can pull it out though because I don't want to see the Colts win anything ever.

The last game of the weekend is the most interesting to me.  It features the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys and kicks off at 3:40 central.  I wonder if Ken Whisenhunt could have ruined the Lions season had he decided to take that job instead of the Titans...Anyway, the Lions have a good run defense and the Cowboys have DeMarco Murray.  That means that Tony Romo will need to play well for Dallas to win.  I told you it would be interesting.

Give me your winners for each game in the comments.