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How Much Roster Turnover Is Needed? Part 1: Offense

Who stays and who goes on the Titans' offense?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Tennessee Titans are going to retain both Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt for the 2015 season, and as insane as that seems to many, the only changes fans can look forward to this offseason will then be to the roster. Turnover is a given every offseason, but how much is needed to change the outlook of a 2-14 football team? What I've done below is sort each player with either green, orange or red. Green players are ones I want to keep - guys we can build around or use effectively. Red means they should be let go or not re-signed. Orange is neutral. They could be retained, but I'd consider an upgrade. Today's article will be on the offense, and we'll get to the defense later in the week.

Quarterback: Zach MettenbergerJake Locker, Charlie Whitehurst, Jordan Palmer

Start with the position sure to generate the most buzz this offseason. I've been consistent with my opinion on Mettenberger. He's shown enough that I think the Titans would be wise to see if he can become a really good QB, and I think its unlikely the team will be able to find an upgrade in free agency or the draft anyways. Jake Locker is almost certainly heading elsewhere and Jordan Palmer was an injury replacement only. Charlie Whitehurst is the first player in the neutral category. I don't think he's very good, but I'm not cutting someone like him until I find an upgrade.

Running Back: Bishop Sankey, Shonn Greene, Dexter McCluster, Leon Washington, Antonio Andrews

Much like Ken Whisenhunt, I have no idea what to do with these running backs. Sankey's obviously a keeper, but everyone else is hard to figure out. I think Dexter McCluster is miscast as a running back, but I do think he can be a useful gadget player. Andrews likely sticks around as a developmental RB. Shonn Greene is an adequate back but if the Titans are still set on a rotation I want to rotate another explosive player in when Sankey comes out. That leaves Leon Washington, someone Whiz seems to like and MCMers seem to dislike. They've used Washington almost exclusively as a third down pass blocker and checkdown option, and in my opinion has been adequate.

Receiver: Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, Derek HaganKris Durham

This position is unique in that it has several players I'd keep and yet is a major need. I continue to believe Wright can be a really good receiver if we can find ways to get him the ball. Hunter is a keeper simply because I want to see if he can ever hit on his potential. I'd prefer to keep him yet demote him to a lesser role. He has not earned the playing time he's had this year. Hagan gets a green vote only because as a 4th-5th receiver I think he can succeed in that role. Nate Washington is someone sure to ignite emotions. The man initially and sarcastically nicknamed "Hands" ended up as "All-State." I'd re-sign him only if it was a team-friendly deal. At this point in his career he's not going to be a starter.

Tight EndDelanie Walker, Taylor Thompson, Craig Stevens, Brett BrackettChase CoffmanMatthew Mulligan

Injuries hit this position hard. These sound like Madden-generated player names.

Delanie Walker was continually a bright spot on a crappy offense this year. Chase Coffman gets a green vote here because I think the TItans would be better served to have him as a developmental TE over someone like Taylor Thompson.

Tackle: Taylor Lewan, Michael OherMichael RoosWill SvitekByron StingilyTerren JonesJamon Meredith

This position needs some major work. I don't know enough about offensive line play to know if Roos could make a switch to RT and play the position well. The evaluation becomes even harder now that he'd be coming off an injury. Finding a right tackle has to be a high priority this offseason. Perhaps I'm being too tough on Stingily, but I don't think he's been good enough to bring back.

GuardAndy Levitre, Chance Warmack, Eric Olsen

Find me a left guard.

Center: Brian SchwenkeChris Spencer, Gabe Ikard

This position depends heavily on what happens at RT and LG. If the Titans spend a lot of money and/or draft picks on upgrades at those positions, I'd give Schwenke another chance.

Keep/Sign: 11
Release/Do not resign: 13
Neutral: 9

Surprisingly, the numbers worked out fairly evenly among the categories. With 13 players in the release group, fixing this roster looks like a daunting task. Add another nine as potential releases and you get the sense that this is a near impossible task. Realistically I think some of the players I've put in the red category will wind up back on the team just because you can't replace everyone. The Titans should attempt to give it their best shot though.