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Today is Festivus! Air Your Titans Grievances

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Festivus.  If you don't know what Festivus is, I feel bad for the sad life you have led.  You can learn about it here:

There are plenty of things to go around this year for Titans fans. My biggest grievance is Ken Whisenhunt. His refusal to change what he does, regardless of the circumstances, really pisses me off. His refusal to change his gameplan after 3/5ths of the starting offensive line went down is what cost the Titans a month of getting to see what Zach Mettenberger cand do. In that game against the Giants, Mettenberger dropped back to pass 24 times, and Whiz only called for a tight end to stay in and block twice. That is coaching malpractice.

If Festivus was a wishing holiday, I would wish that Ken Whisenhunt would get fired on Monday, but that is not what this holiday is about.

I could go on and on with grievances from this season, but I will leave it open for you. Let me hear your biggest grievance about the 2014 Titans.

Check back later for the feats of strength portion of Festivus featuring Pratt and Winni.