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Tennessee Titans wishlist goes 4-3 today with a bonus

Titans get some nice news from today's games.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As an update to an earlier post where I talked about which way the Tennessee Titans wanted some of the earlier games to go, here are the results from this week.

1. Redskins win

Obviously this happened yesterday, but it was on the list of games that help the Titans this week so here you go.

2. Panthers win

In a game that counts double (since the Bucs have two divisional losses to them), the Panthers came up with a close win.

3.Texans win

Just like the Panthers game counted double for the Bucs, this game counts double for the Titans.

4. Dolphins win

Terrible job by the Vikings to close out the game. With a minute to go in the fourth quarter, the Vikings go three-and-out and get a punt blocked to lose the game.

5. Patriots win

This was expected, but it definitely was a nail biter. Patriots win by one to help the Titans.

6. Steelers win

Again, Steelers win a game that was closer than it should have been, but a win is a win.

7. Giants win

The Rams stayed in this game, but really never threatened to win it.

8. Cowboys win

In the second of the three big games for today, the Cowboys thrash the Colts.

Bonus #1 Saints lose

With nothing to play for in the last week of the season, the Saints could have trouble mustering up any sort of injury in an away game against the Bucs.

Bonus #2 Oakland wins

With the Titans and the Bucs the only two-win teams, they really control their destiny for the top pick.

Final tally:

I really don't understand how this all breaks down, but I know that the Titans wanted seven teams to win, and four of them won today including the Panthers and Cowboys. This ultimately is a good thing for the Titans, but is it good enough for the Titans to move into the lead?