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What else helps the Tennessee Titans on Sunday?

Tampa Bay isn't the only team to watch on Sunday.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you aren't following Terry McCormick you should do so now because he always has very useful tweets. The most recent of these is a tweet that tells you who to cheer for this weekend to help the Titans chances of getting the top draft pick. While everyone knows that the Bucs need to lose for the Titans to really solidify their hold as the worst team in football, the under the radar stat is strength of schedule.

The team with the lowest strength of schedule (or S.O.S) wins the tiebreakers in the draft. That means that while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Green Bay Packers is important, there are  other games that will impact the Titans draft position.

1. Redskins over Eagles

The Titans wanted the Redskins to get their win and they did.

2. Panthers over Browns.

The Browns and Manziel need to lose for multiple reasons. On one hand a loss helps the Titans S.O.S., but also a loss further gives life to the rumors that the Browns could be interested in upgrading at QB in the draft through a trade.

3. Ravens over Texans

This one doesn't look good at the half, but it would help the Titans S.O.S.

4. Vikings over Dolphins

This increases the Bucs S.O.S.

5. Patriots over Jets

This is still a very competitive ball game heading into the fourth quarter, but a win by NE would help the Titans.

6. Steelers over Chiefs

A Steelers win helps weaken the Titans S.O.S.

7. Rams over Giants

Jeff Fisher is on pace for another infamous 7-9 season, and a win here would help keep his streak of barely losing seasons in tact AND weaken the Titans S.O.S.

8. Cowboys over the Colts

A win from Dallas here really helps the Titans who will have two loses to Indy on their schedule by the end of the season.

So the short version of that is, the Titans should cheer for the: Redskins, Panthers, Ravens, Vikings, Patriots Steelers, Rams, and Cowboys.