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Do you agree with Gil Brandt's list of needs for the Tennessee Titans?

How do you feel about the Titans needs list?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Gil Brandt put out his weekly list of the draft order and team needs, and for at least a few days the Titans are listed as having the number one pick (this likely wont stand after this weekend's games). Here is what the Godfather of the Draft said on the Titans:

"Analysis: The Titans averaged a league-worst 16 points a game in the first half of the season; that's old-school football. Obviously, the offense isn't very good. What do the Titans think of Zach Mettenberger? That will be the big question for this team following the season. If they don't think he's the guy, they have to go get a quarterback. But this is a team that that might be able to get away with subpar QB because of Ken Whisenhunt's ability to get the most out of his signal-callers. They could use another offensive lineman, too. I thought Bishop Sankey was the answer at running back, but the jury is still out on him."

With all of that conversation, he still lists the Titans top three needs as:

1. Quarterback

2. Pass Rusher

3. Cornerback

While those three positions need to be addressed, it is important to remember that the Titans offensive line is terrible right now (and has been all year) and that Marcus Mariota doesn't exactly fit what Whisenhunt wants to do at quarterback (based on his past success). Also, I know a lot of fans of this website think that Mariota isn't the quarterback that can lead this team long-term, so what do you think is the biggest need for Tennessee right now?

Getting an edge pass rusher is a huge need, but it may surprise you to know that the Titans are actually tied for seventh in that category, despite their lack of overall defensive success.

Also, McCourty has shown that he can be a top cornerback in the past, so is getting a second corner worthy of being called one of the Titans biggest needs? Is there a team with two receivers in the division that really scare you (considering Andre Johnson is rumored to be close to being let go this offseason)?

Maybe left guard needs to be talked about at this point. Levitre is a terrible offensive lineman, and getting a player like La'el Collins from LSU in round two could be a great pick. Collins is a player who can come in and develop at LG until he is ready to take over the RT position.

Maybe ILB should be on your list? Is Wesley Woodyard really the defense captain that you wanted him to be?

Comment below and let everyone know where your top area's of need for Tennessee.