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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Titans Are Going Streaking

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have a streak of 9 in a row going strong with no sign of letting up. They have lost 9 straight games with the last three coming against the likes of the Giants, the Jets, and the Jaguars. We are reinventing the word suck, and we are creating ways to lose every game. There are no links today. Because nothing notable happened last night. For a full recap of last night, please look at the following GIF. This is your link.

Here's how this game relates to last nights game. In a sense, it encompasses all last nights game was. This guy is clearly not in the best shape, neither are the Titans, we all knew that. He starts dancing, and its like, "ok, this could be good." Titans: Jump out to a 10-0 lead. Columbus Blue Jackets Dude: Rips off shirt. Titans: Let Bortles drive down the field for a 10-7 game. CBJ Dude: Hands on head, shaking like he just don't care, because he clearly doesn't. Titans: Give ball back up to Bortles, every Titans fan knows this game is over. CBJ Dude: Random Bear in background. Titans: Todman 60 something yard TD. Game over, top 2 pick here we come.

Enjoy the GIF, it is indeed hilarious and made me laugh alot. (H/t Jerlindsey)