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Introducing the MCM Mailbag!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

From Jimmy- Please welcome Lexi as a contributor to the site.  She will be doing a weekly mailbag as well as other things.  She is a huge Titans fan and has covered the team for various outlets over the last couple of years.  Follow her on Twitter @Danger_Lex.

Hello readers, this week marks the first Music City Miracles weekly mailbag. Yours truly, Lexi, will be answering some of your questions that you tweet to me. Now I am not the be all and end all of Titans information, by any means. And my opinions will probably be different than yours. So please, feel free to tweet me or engage in a friendly debate in the comments.

So let's get this started!

@Titansfan4life asks: Are you sold on Bishop Sankey? Or is he nothing more than an overrated backup?

Who?? Kidding. I am definitely not sold on Sankey, or anything to do with the Titans run game this season. Or the offense. Or the defense. Or the coaching staff. Or the-

Okay, I'll stop. In all seriousness, the Titans are ranked 27th in the league in the run game. Sankey has run the ball 134 times for 507 yards. His yards per carry? 3.8. Not good.

It would have been nice to have a solid run game to help pick up the slack from the quarterback troubles. During the Jets game, when Locker got hurt, Whitehurst was the ONLY quarterback. Kendall Wright is the emergency, but he was inactive. So the Titans should have been able to fall back on a run game that would have helped them out just a little bit. Total rushing yards for the Titans that night? 89. Enough said.

@KDMartel asks: Does Smith need to sell the Titans before they can be competitive again?

Short Answer: Yes.
Relatively longer answer: Yes. I truly believe that the Titans problems stem back to the fact that the ownership has never been local. It was really easy for the ownership to call all of the shots in Houston, and not deal with the repercussions in Nashville. It never sat right with me that the ownership is based in Houston. And it shouldn't with anyone. The team needs new ownership. Sell the team, bring in more aggressive owners who will go after big name guys and attract more competitive players. Basically, bring in owners who will make better decisions.

@zac_cleary asks: Will you post your Titans #ManCrushMonday since it's #MCMMail?

Do yourselves a favor and google image search "Charlie Whitehurst Nashville Lifestyles" and "Zach Mettenberger selfies".

You're welcome.

@BACowett asks: If the Titans decide that they absolutely have to draft a quarterback, Mariota would be the preferred choice, right?

It's no secret that I am fully Team Mettenberger, something I have been debating for weeks, but if they do, then yes, he is the preferred choice. Drafting Jameis Winston is NOT the way to go, and would set the franchise back. Winston is not the answer, and if the Titans end up drafting a QB, then yes, go with Mariota.

I think Mariota would be a better fit, and Winston has too many problems that would invite an unnecessary black cloud over an organization that does NOT NEED ONE.

But, like I said, I am Team Mett. But that's a whole new can of worms.

@DANGER_Karin asks: What do the Titans need to do overall to improve?

There is not enough beer in this world to help me give a full explanation to this question.

Be sure to tweet me your questions, @DANGER_lex and use #MCMMail! And as always, I'm up for a friendly debate and I definitely invite your feedback.