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Tennessee Titans News Links: TNF Eve

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans will play in one of the least anticipated prime time football games of all time tomorrow. I hope we can all enjoy one of 16 Titan football games they play all year. Sure is nicer when we are competitive.

Kendall Wright had a regular practice workload yesterday, so maybe he'll play on Thursday, maybe he won't. I hope he does, so that we don't have to send out the Durham again.

Were you wondering where the Titans stand in key categories? Well, here you go.

The Titans have had to go back to Chaz Whitehurst at QB because of injury. With the pass rush that the Jags bring, specifically Marks against Levitre, he should have his hands full.

Here is the Tuesday practice report from Coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Quote Question of the Day: