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Titans place QB Jake Locker on Injured Reserve

Jake Locker has taken his last snap for the Tennessee Titans.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Wyatt is reporting that the corresponding roster move to the signing of Jordan Palmer will be placing Jake Locker on injured reserve:

This will end Locker's tenure with the Titans.  I really hate that it ends like this for Locker because he seems like a really good dude.  I was hoping he would come in and play well for the last 3 games of the season to market himself to the other teams in the league.

Locker had all of the intangible qualities that you want in a franchise quarterback, but the world is full of those guys.  He just wasn't good enough when he was on the field.  Combine that with the fact that he couldn't stay healthy, and you have yet another bust in the first round for the Tennessee Titans.