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Tennessee Titans weekly draft talk

Where do they stand?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans lost again this week as I am sure you know, so it is time to see where they stack up draft-wise.

At this point, the Bucs would have to pull off a big upset against the Green Bay Packers next week, or beat divisional opponents the New Orleans Saints in the final game of the season. If not, they are likely out of the running for Marcus Mariota.

If Mariota is gone, that leaves DL Leonard Williams, EDGE Randy Gregory, WR Amari Cooper, and EDGE Shane Ray as the consensus best players available (in fact Williams is the consensus top player). Any of those players would be a great addition to the Titans, and in a deep pass rushing class, Williams and Cooper could be very attractive with that top pick.

This year feels very similar to the year the Titans drafted Jake Locker in spite of the defensive talent available, and everyone sees how that went. Luckily for Tennessee, Ruston Webster was very disciplined last year taking the best player available, and almost every one of the 2014 NFL Draft picks looks like a very good long term pick (Lewan, Mettenberger, Sankey, Williamson, Huff all come to mind). With that in mind and the fact that Mettenberger looks good enough not to force the Titans to take Jameis Winston second overall.

The Titans are looking at massive turnover this year (maybe even in the front office and coaching room) so this team will get better this offseason. Who would you like to see them build around if Mariota isn't available?