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Tennessee Titans lose a game they deserve to lose

Why the Titans deserved to lose this one, and why it might be the nail in Whisenhunt's coffin.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

That was a rough game to watch for either team, but especially hard for Titans fans to watch a defense that couldn't force a turnover all game.

This is only the fifth game where Geno Smith has thrown more than 20 times without throwing an interception in his two year career. The Titans defense looked good in large part, but huge penalties and an inability to cover Eric Decker turned out to be the key issue for the Titans.

On the plus side, the Titans did manage to hold the Jets potent rushing game to just 114 yards on 29 carries. The Titans also did force an intentional grounding penalty in the endzone which turned into a safety. It was also the second time in two games (both of which Mettenberger did not finish) where the defense and special teams were the only units to score for Tennessee.

At this point, it has turned from unreasonable expectations, to understandable frustration, to outrage for Titans fans when Ken Whisenhunt's name is brought up. The Titans have been unable to put together any sort of creative offense this year, despite Whisenhunt supposedly being an expert in offensive gameplanning.

One and done at this point isn't outrageous. The last coach to survive a season with a two win or worse record was Steve Spagnuolo in 2009, which is the better part of a decade. With one more winable game this year, Whisenhunt needs to win if he is going to have any small sense of security this offseason, especially with rumors swirling around about new ownership.