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Titans Fall To Jets: Final score 16-11 - Quick Recap

The Titans lose...again.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans out-terrible'd the New York Jets today, falling 16-11 in a listless game. Both teams shot themselves in the foot, but as a Titans fan there was little positive to take from the performance across the board.

Jake Locker got hurt again, furthering the legend of the glass man. The Titans offensive line put forth another putrid performance, and the defense, while doing it's best to handle a toothless Jets attack, was unable to keep a lid on them long enough. It's hard to lose to a team like the Jets, but the Titans achieved it ungracefully. There was some fighting that erupted between Jurrell Casey and half the Jets team, which was more fire than I've seen from a Titan in weeks, acceptable or not.

The Titans retain their draft position, since all the other teams above them lost today as well. Not sure what there is to look forward to. While it doesn't need to be said, this team needs to be restructured from the top down.