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Peyton Manning set to buy the Tennessee Titans?

A weird story by a reputable source.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Normally when these sort of rumors float around, it is by some third-tier news source trying to make a name for themselves by guessing right. However, Jason La Canfora of CBS just released a story that says Peyton Manning is looking to be a potential owner of the Tennessee Titans after he retires.

"Manning remains close to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam -- the two spoke frequently in the past about potential ownership of the Tennessee Titans prior to Haslam ultimately purchasing the Browns -- and, with league sources believing the Titans could end up on the market at some point in 2015, his presence there would be a boon to not only the current ownership (in terms of what it could do for a sale price) but also to perspective new owners who would covet Manning as well. Longtime Titans owner Bud Adams passed away last year, and his son-in-law, Tommie Smith, has served as the majority owner since then, but sources said not all members of the family are as intent on keeping the team long term, and the high sale price the Bills fetched -- roughly $1.4 billion despite the team lacking an adequate stadium -- has led to investment bankers and potential dealmakers swirling around family members."

"Manning and his family have strong ties to Tennessee, where he played college ball, and one of the reasons Manning came so close to picking the Titans to play for when released by the Colts was the potential to one day be part of an ownership group there (at the time, with Haslam eyeing the franchise). Haslam is likely to approach Manning again about such an option should he end his playing days, and Manning's interest in ownership is not lost on potential Titans buyers as well."

La Canfora also mentions that minority owners from the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers may be interested in purchasing the Titans as well.

This story seemingly came out of nowhere, but it seems like the Titans are definitely one of the teams that is at least kicking the tires on a change in ownership.