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Tennessee Titans depth to be showcased late this season: offense

Where the Titans stand at each position group.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans sent Michael Oher to IR today, and it is just the latest example of the Titans depth being tested. So where else have the Titans been forced to play extra players?

Offensive line

So far, the Titans have had to play 11 offensive linemen across the front. Of the 11, only two of them have had positive grades from PFF and those two are Michael Roos and Taylor Lewan. The rest range from a neutral grade of 0.1 on four snaps (Eric Olsen) to two of the worst performers on the offensive line in recent history, Brian Schwenke (-13.2) and Michael Oher (-20.2).

The Titans obviously need to address this in the offseason, but some blame has to go on the injuries and lack of depth.

Tight End

This year, the Titans have had six tight ends play more than 40 snaps. The brunt of this has been taken by the Titans best offensive performer, Delanie Walker who has played over 600 snaps. Despite the fact that Walker has taken more snaps than all but six players on offense, the other tight ends have still combined for nearly 400 snaps. If the Titans are going to play that many snaps with two tight ends, they really need a player good enough to warrant those additional snaps.

The Titans don't need a marquee player to run it, but it would be nice if the Titans could add a well rounded player in free agency like Daniel Fells, Owen Daniels, or Jordan Cameron it would really help a take the pressure off the quarterback.


Speaking of quarterback, after Jake Locker plays next week the Titans will have two quarterbacks with over 300 snaps this season. Also, if Whitehurst gets back in at some point this year, the Titans will be one of two teams with three quarterbacks to play over 200 snaps this year (the other being Washington).

This team has been plagued by injuries on both sides of the ball, but with depth being forced to play at offensive line, tight end, and quarterback the Titans have really been behind the eight ball. While upgrades are needed across the board, I am starting to think that maybe Whisenhunt isn't quite as bad of a coach as the 2-11 record might indicate.