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Jared Cook Thinks the Rams Got Out-Played and Out-Coached Last Night

In other news, Jared Cook is an idiot.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

You might be thinking to yourself, why is Jommy writing a post about this on his Titans blog.  Well, let me answer that for you, because the Titans stink, this is funny to me, and it involves a lot of guys that were once a part of this organization.  So there you have it.

Last night's game was a boring field goal fest, but the postgame interviews have given us some good stuff.  Bruce Arians had this to say after game in response to the fact that no one was giving his team a chance to win:

"I love it when nobody says you have a chance to win," Arians said. "There is an 11-3 team and a team that is always 8-8. You figure it out."

That's good stuff right there. But remember, Fisher is only a quarterback away from having a really good team. Where have you heard that before.

On top of that, there was this gem from Jared Cook:

"We got out-played, we got out-coached, and we just put a bad display out there."

Cook is a terrible football player. Sure, he has all of the athletic ability in the world, but it doesn't translate to results on the field.  The Rams gave him $19 million guaranteed over 5 years last offseason.  He scored 5 touchdowns last year and 3 so far this season.  I am pretty sure that is not the guy that needs to be criticizing anyone.

Cook cried here about not knowing what was going on and the team not getting him the ball.  It turns out the reason he was getting the ball is because he isn't good.  Combine his inability to make any plays in the passing game with the inability to block, and you see why the Titans weren't willing to offer him much of anything.

The Titans get a lot of things wrong, but they were 100% right on this one.