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Between The Posts: Key To Success

Your nightly OT open thread.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

While perusing some articles from before the 2014 season began, I noticed a couple of things. Firstly, that a lot of the media doubt about the Tennessee Titans was valid. Maybe not in the way that some notable talking heads were insisting, but the end result is the same either way. This franchise is in big trouble, and rock bottom is a tough emotional place to be, as a fan.

The second, and more important one, was driven home after reviewing the impact made on teams via the draft rather than free agency. Obviously everyone knows that it is better to build your team through the draft, and that has never been more true post-CBA, when even top picks aren't bank-breakers. The Titans have a ton of money to spend heading into the offseason, but if last year (and some of the other recent FA crops) carry any indications of future performance, then I would rather the Titans brass keep their pocket books away. This group of free agents has been the worst in recent memory. After some irate words were thrown around when these guys were signed, I tried to convince myself that they would work out, that these coaches knew what they were doing and who would best fit their new much for that.

If by some miracle that Whisenhunt turns this ship around in 2015, this past draft class might have been the saving grace of GM Ruston Webster's career. Without the young talent showing up this year, I'm not as positive that CEO Tommy Smith would be as comfortable giving the duo a second shot?

What say you?