Read At Your Own Risk

Reading things from around the site, especially the 'Burn it down' post, resulted in the typing of a comment that was so long I had to make it into a fanpost. This comment is, frankly...

A strange, dysfunctional, post-surgery drug-induced, sleep-deprived rambling about the nature of sports.

Enjoy, if you haven't already run away screaming!

Alright, let me understand what the grand plan is for a better Titans football team right now:

1. Go around firing coaches within their first couple of years (Munch lasted 3 but fans wanted him gone earlier.)

2. Having huge roster turnover, year after year (because apparently our roster and coaches are all ass.)

3. Repeat until we get lucky enough to draft a couple future Hall of Famers and hire a once-in-a-lifetime coach in the same offseason

4. Go from one of the NFL's most noncompetitive teams to a division contender.

Okay, guys, I love y'all, but when it comes to this, our fanbase is collectively doing what the man in this GIF is doing:


The Saints sucked for 5 decades before they got an amazing team that lead them to a Superbowl win. TheLions still haven't been to the Superbowl, hell, they haven't won a playoff game since 1991. The Raiders had a stretch where they were good to the point of Superbowl titles, now they're the staple of how you don't run a franchise. The Redskins spend legendary amounts of money to get better, and their last playoff victory was McNair's last season with us. The Jaguars got rid of a coach that now has 2 Superbowl rings with the Giants, and now they've spent the better part of their existence being the butt of attendance and fanbase size jokes. The Texans were absolute shit forever until they got Watt, and that only got them the chance to whip the 6th seeded Bengals two years in a row before returning to shit. Those particular Seahawks that won the division with a losing record and had Tavaris Jackson as their starter before that, the Browns whose fans' woes come mainly because a rich guy fucked them over and left them in ruin, the Dolphins whose fans still go to bed at night and dream about Dan Marino, the Rams who sucked so bad after they beat us in the Superbowl that they now think becoming more like us is a step up, the Jets, the Vikings, I could go on...

Our team is going through its shit stage, like so many times before, like so many other teams have before, and like other teams are now. Look around... Firing every coach that can't pull us out of it within 2-3 years isn't going to change anything. In the mediocre Fisher years, when we kept thinking that our team would push the boundaries and get us another playoff win without Mac-9... That dream is dead, and there's nothing we can do about it. Clinging onto that dream does nothing for us now. The great skyscraper of Titans football that we had towering tall in 1999 has crumbled, and we can't grab the guy that re-lays the foundation and demand he get us another one, ASAP. Those sudden turnarounds from football teams that you pray we'll see? Those are really years upon years of decent pieces, being put through a grinder of disappointment and "so-close"s, until the 'right piece' comes along and sparks the pieces that are already there into an amazing football team. Right now we're in the grinder, and we need to hold onto what decency we can get in this shit. Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Derrick Morgan, Chance Warmack, Bishop Sankey, and believe it or not, Blidi Wreh-Wilson andMichael Griffin, will all become close-to or actual Pro-Bowlers once the 'right piece' comes along and sparks them. Those names I listed may not even be on the team when that 'right piece' comes, but one day, we'll have the spark and we'll be a damn good team again... for a while, before we return to this mess again.

That's how the NFL works, y'know. We lose and lose until we have that player that sparks us into being a great team. Then, that spark fades off, even sometimes while the player is still in uniform. Then you lose and lose again. Sometimes the losing lasts years. Sometimes it lasts decades. Unless we're the lucky fuckin' Colts and draft "that player" one year after you lost your previous renowned franchise "that player", which we aren't, then we're going to have to learn to accept that, somehow. I'm not saying your reaction to all of this sucktitude is wrong, but, I am saying... well, your reaction to all of this sucktitude is wrong. Somewhere deep in there, behind the rawness, the rage, the exhaustion, the frustration, and the stubbornness, you know it's wrong. So, please, just take a moment to reconnect to reality and acknowledge what I'm saying to you. Then promptly discard that if you want. We have to deal with this shit stage somehow, after all. It might as well be through unfiltered outrage and disappointment.

So, there it is. That's what happens when a man goes for too long without talking football. Anyway, I've been doing well. Recovery from surgery is going good. I'm cancer-free. With the personal details aside, consider my unabashed egotistical internet sports know-it-all persona reactivated. Love, hate, applause, agreement, SHUNNN-ing, pick your tool and come at me. I'll try my best to respond to your comments, if they are any on this monstrosity.

Also, recommend this. Because, uh, pandas. Baby pandas.