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Week 10: Titans eye on the Draft

Another summary of where the Titans are at Draft wise.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have had a rough year, but for those looking forward to 2015, here is what the Titans are looking at.

-The Titans draft position still remains the same, but they are now one of only five teams with two or less wins. This puts them out of tiebreakers with other teams for the fifth spot.

-The Titans face two of the teams with as many or less wins then them: Jacksonville, NYJ.

-Right now the Titans are probably out of the race for Marcus Mariota (which some Titans fans are glad of), and Jameis Winston's stock couldn't fall any faster if he tried, so there is a strong chance that the Titans could look at another position in this draft. Amari Cooper (WR), Leonard Williams (DL), Randy Gregory (DE/OLB), Vic Beasley (DE/OLB), and Shane Ray (DE/OLB) all are players at other position who are making strong cases to be top-five picks.

-With the Titans lacking in a lot of areas, but coming off of a draft where the looked like they took BPA, it is likely that this could be the first year in a while where a high pick for the Titans won't be forced on a player at a certain position.