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Titans-Ravens final score: Tennessee loses again 21-7

Patrick Smith

The Titans came out on fire in this one.  They drove the ball right down the field on the first two possessions.  A Shonn Greene fumble at the goal line ruined the first drive.  The second drive ended with a shovel pass for a touchdown from Zach Mettenberger to Leon Washington.  That was as good as it got.  The next three quarters were abysmal in all three phases.

There really isn't a lot to break down.  We can talk about Zach Mettenberger's second start.  He didn't really do anything well.  He holds on to the ball too long on most plays.  Is that 100% his fault?  No.  For some reason the Titans receivers apparently just cannot get open.  Good thing they spent a first round pick on Kendall Wright and traded up in the second round to get Justin Hunter.

I don't understand Ken Whisenhunt and his running back rotation.  Bishop Sankey is running all over the Ravens defense in the first quarter, but he puts Greene in the game on the goal line.  I understand that is why Greene is on the team, but maybe it is time for Greene not to be on the team anymore....because he is terrible.

There is also reason for Leon Washington to ever be in the game as a running back.  There is nothing he can do that Sankey cannot do.  There is also no reason for Washington to be on the team when Dexter McCluster is healthy.

Delanie Walker got knocked out of the game with a concussion on a hit that should have been flagged and wasn't.  You knew it was going to be a long day when he went out because he is the only player that can get open with any consistency.

So all in all, just the same ole same ole from this group.  They still don't do anything well.  It is going to be an uphill battle for them to get another win this season.