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Tennessee Titans: Stock down

Who is trending the wrong way.

Rob Carr

Offensive play calling

Early in the game the Titans were aggressive in their play calling and played to Mettenberger's strength. After the touchdown they really got conservative and, well bad. This team needs to play smart given their lack of talent, and Whiz is supposed to be a smart coach.

Michael Griffin

Griffin again had a bad game taking angles and supporting the running game at all. For a player who is really one dimensional, Griffin can't afford to play so passively in the running game.

Wesley Woodyard

Woodyard is really a non factor. Honestly there are entire quarters where he makes no plays. Not only is he not making plays, but when the ball carrier is coming at him he wants to drop a shoulder instead of wrapping up. That kind of thing is unacceptable from a veteran who should know better than that.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Just not fast enough to stick with most of the #1 receivers in the league. He needs to be allowed to press at the LOS and be helped by a safety if he is going to do anything.


Aside from the fact that Baltimore's safety hit Delanie Walker helmet to helmet when he was a defenseless receiver (two illegal plays at once), the bias in the offensive pass interference calls was laughable. Speaking of laughable, how about that top notch job on the blatant facemask on Mettenberger. Even if you forget that, there were several holds on the outside on Titans DE/OLB Derrick Morgan, which really should have been called. Really bad job by these guys today.